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What is asylum? Asylum is based on the fundamental belief of relieving foreign persons from being subject to persecution or torture if returned to their homelands. Categories The United States allows for asylum – protection of refugees from another country – when an individual believes that he or she will be persecuted or threatened in...

Habeas Corpus

What is habeas corpus? Like many expression and motions in the legal field, habeas corpus is a Latin term essentially meaning “hold the body.” A writ of habeas corpus commands the person holding someone to bring the detainee before the court. Background The writ of habeas corpus is one of the oldest and most important...

Voluntary Departure

Voluntary departure is granted by the immigration judge on the condition that the individual voluntarily agrees to depart from the United States at one’s own expense and in a specified period of time. By agreeing to voluntary departure, the detainee agrees to leave the country within a certain amount of time. There may be additional...

Immigration Bonds

What Can I Do? The first question that most people ask when their family member is detained is, how can I get them released? The quick and short answer is by posting a bond. Immigration Bond A normal immigration bond, sometimes referred to as a delivery bond, is what most people are familiar with when...

Common Immigration Terms

i-94 – Arrival-Departure Record Card i-130 – Petition for Alien Relative i-485 – Application to Register Permanent Residence i-589 – Application for Asylumand for Withholding of Removal I-864 – Affidavit of Support N-400 – Application for naturalization G-28 – Form issued by USCIS indicating that an applicant has selected a legal representative to handle applications,...

Deportation/ Removal Defense

Deportation or removal involves the expulsion of a noncitizen from the United States. This expulsion may be based on grounds of inadmissibility or deportability.  Other than falling out of status, one of the biggest reasons for an individual to be placed into deportation or removal proceedings is due to a criminal charge. 

Green Cards

A “Green Card” is evidence of a person’s lawful permanent resident status.


Depending on the familial and specific circumstances of the individual, citizenship can be gained automatically at birth inside or outside the United States, automatically through the naturalization of a parent, or through the naturalization of the individual.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

At this time, the government is only accepting renewals for DACA recipients.  If you have DACA, make sure you keep your work permit current and contact The Presti Law Firm to make sure it is renewed correctly.


There are 2 main types of general visa categories: immigrant and nonimmigrant.  The focus of each type of visa is the “intent” of the noncitizen to either remain indefinitely in the US or to stay only temporarily.

Board of Immigration Appeals

The first level of appeal of a decision made by an immigration judge is the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  This gives the noncitizen a second chance to correct any errors made by the immigration court.

United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Fifth Circuit

The second level of appeal of a decision made by an immigration judge is the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Fifth Circuit.  The purpose of this appeal is to correct errors made by the lower courts.