Federal Crimes Attorney in Dallas

 If you have been charged with a federal crime than you need an attorney who is going to aggressively fight to protect your rights.

There are a lot of problems with being alleged to have committed a federal crime.

Federal sentencing guidelines are strict and not very forgiving.

What types of Federal Crimes Do We Handle?

Drug Trafficking

It is unfortunate that the federal sentencing guidelines are so harsh. Time and time again, young men and women are caught with drugs that they are unaware of that are contraband and that carrying it across state lines or national borders carries a completely different punishment than if they were accused of just possession.

Most recently, we have seen young men and women carrying THC cartridges back from areas of the country where that type of product is actually legal to possess and then they come back through the airport and for one reason or another are caught with it on their person. They didn’t know that carrying a THC product is (1) a controlled substance and (2) bringing through the airport could escalate the possession of the THC pen to a drug trafficking charge. Now, this doesn’t always happen, but it can if the person is in possession of a certain amount of THC. This can also happen with just normal marijuana. It depends on a lot of factors.

Doctors Who Have Been Charged with Insurance Fraud

Doctors who have been charged with healthcare fraud, such as Medicare or Medicaid fraud, turn to the attorney brothers at the Presti Law Firm when it is their practice and livelihood at stake.

 Internet Crimes

Computer crimes and internet crimes are complicated. They are very technical. Knowing this the Presti Law Firm immediately engages the help of outside technical expertise to begin working on your defense when it comes to crimes related to the internet.

Immigration Crimes 

The Presti Law Firm is uniquely equipped to handle any and all immigration cases. In certain circumstances, an immigration case can be elevated from an administrative proceeding to a federal crime. For instance, an immigrant who has been previously deported and then reenters illegally again can have charges brought against them in federal court.

White Collar Crimes

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