Driving While-Intoxicated (DWI) Attorney in Dallas

Driving while-intoxicated is a very serious offense in Texas. In fact, Texas has run television ads campaigning against driving under the influence for decades. The social stigma for driving while-intoxicated has dramatically increased, especially with the birth of Uber and Lyft. If you know someone who has been convicted of a DWI than you know how hard it is for them to get a job. If you know someone that’s been convicted of a DWI several times, you know how hard it is for them to even start their vehicle if they were allowed to keep their license. Bottom line, DWIs have serious consequences and you need a serious attorney to help you navigate the framework of a DWI charge. Don’t let some public defender who couldn’t care less about your case defend you. Call the Presti Law Firm because it is your life and you can’t afford to not take your case seriously.

Did an Injury Occur?

If an injury occurred and you were charged with a DWI at the scene than you’re facing a tough legal battle. Remember that ad we were talking about that Texas ran for decades? Well, the legislature and a couple of lobby groups decided that DWIs involving injuries were a very specific category of driving under the influence and a DWI charge involving an injury has it’s own legal ramifications.

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI and an injury was caused as a result of that DWI than you need a local attorney who knows just how to handle your situation.

A good defense can examine and dispute the charges brought against you. Cops and Defense Attorneys are people to. They make mistakes. We’re here to make sure your constitutional rights are protected from those mistakes. We offer clients insight on how to combat and to mitigate the charges brought against them. Make an appointment today with the Presti Law Firm.

First DWI?

Were you recently arrested for a DWI in Texas? Are you a bit nervous? We understand and we’re here to help. Being arrested for a DWI is scary, nerve-wracking, and down right frightening. You thought you were under the 0.08% limit when the officer asked you to blow. You remember only having two drinks, but the breathalyzer says you were over the limit. You know for a fact that that test is wrong. Machines just like people aren’t perfect. Contact the Presti Law Firm to investigate whether or not the breathalyzer used on you was accurate.

Maybe you know you shouldn’t have been driving. Maybe you really shouldn’t have had that fourth drink. You know and you accept the fact that you shouldn’t have been driving, but you don’t want the rest of your life to be ruined because of a simple mistake. So, don’t let it. Call an attorney who knows what it is like to deal with a DWI. Call the Presti Law Firm today.

Multiple DWIs?

Have you been arrested multiple times for a DWI? You’re not alone. You’ve been down this road a few times, and you know you need a lawyer to help. That’s what we’re here for. Call the Presti Law Firm today!

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