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Probation is a common way used to avoid jail time and is a tool used by the justice system to lower the recidivism rate and the number of inmates locked up.

Probation violations are commonplace and can trigger an issuance for a warrant for your arrest. The most common probation violations are listed below:

  • Reporting Monthly to a Probation Officer
  • Paying a Monthly Probation Fee
  • Committing No New Criminal Offenses
  • Attending Classes
  • Submitting to Random Urinalysis
  • Maintaining Employment
  • Staying within the County

The terms and conditions of your probation are negotiated when you first enter a plea deal. In some cases, probation terms are not negotiated and are a condition of release from prison or jail. When your probation officer feels that you have violated one of the terms of your probationary period than they can notify the Court and the Court can issue a warrant.

Just because you violated the terms of your conviction doesn’t mean you are going to face jail time. There are a lot of things that an experienced attorney can do to work with your probation officer, the district attorney’s office and the Court to help keep you out of jail and on probation.

A Judge does not have to revoke your probationary period just because you violated one of the terms of your probation. Sometimes a violation is just a matter of money or employment circumstances. Whatever your circumstances are, you need an attorney who is going to provide the best representation possible for your probation violation. That’s why you need to contact the attorney brothers at the Presti Law Firm.

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