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The Presti Law Firm, PLLC is the go-to law firm in Dallas when it comes to people facing drug charges. Drug charges can have serious consequences. Depending on what kind of drug you were alleged to have been caught with or dealing the consequences facing a criminal defendant can range from anywhere to a fine to decades in jail.

Minor Drug Charges

Normal people get charged with small drug crimes every day.

For example, a businessman driving home from work gets pulled over and forgets that he has a pipe in his car. The officer doesn’t bother asking what it is for, and even though there are no drugs found, the businessman gets charged with a drug paraphernalia charge. This seemingly innocent charge can have serious consequences for a businessman trying to climb the corporate ladder.

A local teenager hanging out at the local skatepark gets arrested for having a small amount of weed on him. It’s not his. He was holding it for a friend. Nevertheless, the officers charge him with possession of marijuana under two ounces. Now, his mom is worried about his college prospects and how it will affect his future. It’s understandable and here at the Presti Law Firm we’re here to help guide you and your family through this process.

Misdemeanor C drug charges are often compared to traffic tickets, but they’re really not the same thing. A traffic ticket won’t prevent you from getting that job with your local government that you’ve been working so hard to get, but a drug charge might. Your friends may have convinced you that a Misdemeanor C drug charge is no big deal, but they might not share your hopes and aspirations.

You need someone who is experienced and has handled these cases before. It doesn’t matter if the drug charge is in municipal court or district court, the Presti Law Firm is there to fight for you and to help protect your rights.

Major Drug Charges

Believe it or not normal people get charged with very serious drug crimes every day as well.

What makes a crime a serious drug crime? Well that depends on a lot of factors, but we would classify any charge above a Misdemeanor C as a serious drug offense. Why? Because the ramifications of being charged with any offense above a Misdemeanor C are significant and potentially have lifelong consequences.

Were you caught with Cocaine? Methamphetamine? Prescription drugs? These types of drugs can have major consequences for your and your future. A lot of what happens depends on the amount of the drugs that were found in your possession and the circumstances that they were found with you. Some criminal defendants legitimately didn’t know that they had these drugs on them. A friend borrows a jacket from another friend that has a small bag of cocaine. Another friend borrows a car, gets pulled over, and prescription drugs are found inside the vehicle. These scenarios are endless and can happen to anyone. Don’t fail to protect your rights. Call the Presti Law Firm and we’ll work to protect and ensure your constitutional rights weren’t violated.

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