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Criminal Law Meets Immigration

The Presti Law Firm, PLLC is the go-to law firm in Dallas when it comes to immigrants facing criminal charges. Most law firms that handle criminal defense law don’t understand the intricacies of the immigration system, but the Presti Law Firm, PLLC does. Having an attorney who understands both the criminal law and the immigration law can be the key to making sure you’re able to effectively protect your immigration status. Don’t take any chances with today’s political environment. Call the Presti Law Firm right away if you’re an immigrant facing criminal charges.

No matter how small the criminal charge brought against you may be it’s not worth the risk of being deported or having your immigration status effected. The attorneys at the Presti Law Firm are well versed in both criminal and immigration law, so they’re able to help you with both types of cases.

Crimmigration? What is that?

Haven’t heard of crimmigraiton? Don’t worry about it. Most people haven’t. Crimmigration is a newly created word to relate the idea that criminal charges have unique consequences to an immigrants status. For instance, DUIs have very unique consequences to an immigrant’s status that can take hold immediately. Not only is it important for an immigrant to get help from an attorney to deal with their DUI, but it’s also important for that immigrant to understand what kind of an effect that DUI charge will have on their immigration status.

Why Wait?

Don’t wait to get help with your crimmigration case. The attorneys at the Presti Law Firm are here to help and their passionate about making sure your case is handled the right way. The entire office is fluent in Spanish, so don’t worry about their being any language barrier between you and your attorney. The attorneys at the Presti Law Firm have successfully defended hundreds of immigrants against criminal charges and helped guide them through the immigration hurdles to make sure they have their rights protected.

Fearful of the Criminal System?

You shouldn’t fear the criminal or immigration system. You have rights that guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and we’re here to make sure those rights are protected. We understand that it’s a nerve-wracking process to not only be in the criminal system, but the immigration system as well. That’s why it’s so important to have an attorney there who can help you with both.

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