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If you’ve been arrested in Dallas or one of the surrounding counties with a state or federal crime or have reason to believe you are under criminal investigation, choosing a local criminal defense firm is the most important decision you can make to help guide, advice, and represent you throughout the legal process.

At the Presti Law Firm, PLLC we recognize that your case is just as unique as you are. No two defendants have the same background and therefore no two defendants have the same story that at the Presti Law Firm is uniquely crafted to provide you with the best defense possible.

Criminal Charges the Presti Law Firm Defends Against

The attorneys at The Presti Law Firm are uniquely prepared to create and to craft a defense that works for you. We handle all sorts of charges including:

Remember that an arrest is not a conviction. You have the right to defend yourself against any charges. It is of vital importance to hire an attorney who will aggressively fight for your freedom. Each and every attorney at The Presti Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for their clients’ and they will fight for you as if your life depended on it.

Defending Against Charges

Being arrested can change your life forever.  That’s why you need an attorney that will provide you with genuine, personalized, and individual representation from the start.

Hire an attorney before you are arraigned. It is to your benefit to have your attorney with you at the arraignment. This is when charges are heard and conditions pertaining to bail and release are determined. Your attorney will pursue an outcome that is most favorable to you. Having an attorney present at the arraignment sets the tone for your case.

Aggressive representation during a trial or in pretrial negotiations may result in a dismissal, reduction of charges, plea agreement, diversion program, probation or other favorable outcome.

If you are under investigation for an offense, but have not been arrested, your attorney’s presence and intervention may result in the case being dismissed.

The Presti Law Firm

The Presti Law Firm’s philosophy is and will always be our clients are our utmost priority. The attorneys at the Presti Law Firm provide committed and compassionate representation for all of its clients. To schedule an appointment with a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer call or email the Presti Law Firm today.

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