Cyclist Deaths Are on The Rise

Here at the Presti Law Firm, we’re deeply concerned with preliminary reports being issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation that estimate cyclist deaths are up 10% from last year. We’re especially concerned because we enjoy a good cycle around White Rock Lake, and we’re very well aware of how easy it is to hurt a cyclist.

With today’s drivers more distracted than ever, it’s important to wear protective gear. Protective gear includes, but is not limited to, a helmet, reflectors, proper clothing and shoes. Reflective material is especially important when fall and winter rolls around. According to the Department of Transportation’s data, most fatalities on a bicycle occurred at dusk and in the evening.

When the Department of Transportation issued their report, they ranked some of the most dangerous cities to ride a bicycle in.

The top five most dangerous cities to be a cyclist in are:

  1. New York City
  2. Seattle
  3. San Jose
  4. San Francisco
  5. Boston

The most dangerous city in Texas to ride a bicycle in is Austin, which ranked seventh on the most dangerous cities to be a cyclist in. The next most dangerous city in Texas to ride a bicycle in was Houston. These rankings are based upon a Department of Transportation study. You can find more information about the Department of Transpiration’s study here.

To our fellow cyclists, be safe. Always wear protective gear when riding your bicycle, no matter how close the journey may be. Always be on the lookout for pedestrians. Announce to the pedestrian that you’re passing what side you’ll be passing them on. Try to keep your rides to restricted to daylight hours.