Ariel Casas Galban

The immigration and naturalization process rank among the most complicated and scrutinized legal avenues in the American judicial system. That’s exactly where attorney Ariel Casas Galban likes to apply his legal acumen day in and day out as a Dallas immigration attorney.

Mr. Galban earned a bachelor’s degree from Caribbean University in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and his Juris Doctor from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law. After passing the Puerto Rico bar, he signed on to work exclusively on federal immigration and criminal cases at the prestigious Presti Law Firm in Dallas.

Dallas Immigration Attorney

Attorney Galban understands that immigrants face an uphill legal battle when attempting to earn a Green Card and U.S. citizenship. Many are striving to attain the American Dream by working hard and contributing to the country.

In recent years, that dream has become increasingly difficult to reach as federal agencies heighten vetting and the immigration process grows more complex and difficult to manage without a skilled immigration attorney. A single missed court date or incorrect filing and good people can find themselves having to start the process all over. That’s why attorney provides forceful and compassionate immigration representation.

As a Dallas immigration attorney, Mr. Galban recognizes that good people and their loved ones find themselves in desperate need of a strong defense. Deportations have escalated, and many immigrants are unaware of the specific rights they have as human beings on American soil. Attorney Galban understands that we are all immigrants and he stands ready to defend your rights against illegal deportation, protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and assists with other immigration-based legal matters.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Working directly in the federal court system, attorney Galban knows that new arrivals and established citizens can become embroiled in high-level criminal cases. The government’s overzealousness may lead the authorities to mistakenly charge hard-working everyday people.

Fortunately for Presti Law Firm clients, attorney Galban has established professional relationships with colleagues involved in federal prosecutions. As an experienced negotiator, attorney Galban works tirelessly to resolve erroneous federal charges. But when the other side won’t act reasonably, he makes federal officials prove every inch of their case.

Working exclusively at the federal immigration and criminal levels means being willing to take on difficult cases against a government that has seemingly unlimited resources. Attorney Ariel Casas Galban would have it no other way when representing the valued clients of the Presti Law Firm.