Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Milone Presti and I am an immigration lawyer in the DFW area. Growing up in the city of Dallas, I had the opportunity to be exposed to many individuals with diverse backgrounds and languages. Many of these individuals became my friends and taught me their beautiful language of Spanish. As I was learning their language and culture, I was also exposed to their personal stories and the struggle they encountered coming to the United States. Hearing their stories made me realize how lucky I am to be born in this country and be part of this great nation where many people have come from distant lands in order to be part of what we call the “American Dream”. For these reasons, I decided to pursue immigration law and help individuals to achieve their dreams essentially. I see immigration as a way to “keep families together”. My duty as an immigration lawyer is to provide my clients my utmost attention and guide them through their individual processes.

Many lawyers will tell you that are the best in the city. But I will tell you, that I am the most committed to my clients. I will be honest, sincere and genuine with you, because I know that your case is important to you and your family. Once again, my job is to “keep families together”- your family. I would love to hear your story and find a way for you and your family to lay the foundation for your American Dream.

I am at your service.

Your Friend.

Michael “Miguel” Presti

Attorney at Law